A lady trying to stop picking at her skin. Also tumbling when she should be studying.


"Haha that Tumblr post said grades don’t define me so I’m gonna abandon my fantastic school marks and drop out" said literally no one ever

"Wow it’s nice to be reminded that even though school is hard for me, that doesn’t mean I’m worthless" said hundreds of thousands of bloggers with learning disabilities and mental and physical illnesses

I’m in grad school and school makes me sick to my stomach.  Every day I have to remind myself that I’m not worthless if I make a mistake in class or at practicum.


if the shooting had happened in the Middle East, everyone would be on that shit. How many people would be posturing about the lack of women’s rights? How many people would be (wrongly) blaming Islam and its followers?

The West fails to see that it has wrapped itself so tightly in a culture of virulent hate towards women in the exact ways it demonizes the East for. These crimes are not the fault of women, or of God, but of men twisted with hate.

if i had a got motto it would be: ours is the nap


it amazes me how cis straight white guys act in public. my sister’s bf came to my apt, demanded she get him a beer, and slapped her ass….in front of me. He also made himself comfortable without any tarof (essential in ethnic families), and in short, made me want to be a nun.

trying very hard not to relapse into picking behaviors after a dramatic reduction following exams!  good thoughts please


My white friend called me “practically white” no no no no no


Do not take doxy (an antibiotic) and lie down. You will feel like you are having a heart attack, but it’s really just A HoLE in your esophagus..


I just dyed my hair light brown.  Actually, I just dyed my ends light brown and now have bright orange skunk roots I have to redo in the morning.  

I caught myself thinking that I was stupid for dyeing my hair at all, that I was even uglier now, etc….gotta beware of that thinking.  Been doing it all my life:  if I’m not drop dead gorgeous, I’m hideous.  If I’m not getting all a’s, (or if I say one stupid thing in a convo), I’m an idiot.